COVID-19 and Us 

What can we do as a gym?

One More Gym’s new policies in place that we are following: 

  1. All Employee have been trained on proper cleaning and cleaning expectations along with our cleaning crews.

  2. All employees take their temp, prior to work each day.

  3. All employees must wear a mask. 

  4. We will mass sanitize with a spray machine 3x a day.

  5. We will be limiting sauna use and asking that 1 person use it at a time. Let the front desk know when you are done, so they may sanitize it.

  6. We will be limiting childcare to 6 kids at a time with a 1.5-hour time limit. We will be updating childcare rules each parent will be given a sheet upon first visit. We will ask that you sign and return a portion for each child.


COVID-19 and You

What can you do as a member?

One More Gym will have new policies in place that we ask all members to follow and respect:

  1. Each member will be required to update a liability waiver upon coming into our facility. You can go to the website and fill this out prior to coming in if you would like. This must be done and on file for each member on the account even if they are going to childcare or just coming in as a visitor.  You can go to and fill this out prior to coming into the club. Please click the waiver tab to find the liability forms. Please inform the club at check in that you have done so and they will look you up in the system. If you can not do this at home you will be required to do so at the desk.  

  2. We will have hand sanitizer on hand for people entering and leaving the club. 

  3. We will also have a temperature screen if you would like.

  4. We ask that our members respect the 6 ft social distancing rules and use only one machine at a time. If you feel that someone is in your space please ask nice and be respectful. Remember this is all new and sometimes people forget!

  5. We ask that our members wipe each machine down after each use, although our staff will be cleaning as well. We will continue to provide sanitizing stations throughout the gym.

  6. We are asking that all members do not wear gloves and instead wash hands and sanitize. This will cut down on cross contamination.

  7. We are asking members that do not feel well or have Covid-19 symptoms to stay home.

If you have billing questions, please reach out at